Like a wolf, WoLF is resourceful, courageous and all about the team. We focus on the shared goal of producing powerful, exciting and beautiful video content that sets itself apart from the crowd and makes real differences in the world.


Set up in 2012, WoLF creates a range of documentaries and commercial video content for broadcasters, clients and online platforms. We’ve worked with national broadcasters like the BBC, CH4 and Sky Arts and had films distributed in several different territories worldwide. Our global clients include Adidas and Walkers which means we have cool, sporty clothes and can make a mean picnic!


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Matt Kay
Shooting Producer / Director
Matt likes having either a cup of green tea in his hand or a camera. If he has both he knows it’s going to be a good day. He’s been shooting and directing for eight years and set up WoLF after making his first feature documentary Over The Wall in 2011.

Reuben Yarwood
Reuben enjoys cycling around France and hiking across the Northern Spain. When indoors, he can be found buried under a pile of hard drives in an editing suite, cutting furiously.
Aimee Johnson
Aimee is usually plotting her next escape out of the City, camping gear in tow! She has a keen eye for story and is constantly trying to cast someone for our latest project. Aimee’s worked in the industry for ten years and joined the WoLF pack in 2015.

Zenia Selby
Development Producer
Zenia splits her time between the very silly and the very serious, spending her days working on current affairs and specialist factual documentaries, while her 'full time hobby' involves managing a comedy troupe. Having produced her first documentary in 2013 and her first sell-out Fringe show the following year, Zenia is WoLF’s newest addition.

Laura Spence
Laura, whilst eating her morning oats with all the extras, can be found at Auntie Productions, an in house BBC team, organizing the execs' diaries. When all is calm, Laura is a researcher, helping expand WoLF’s new development ideas. She has contributed to several WoLF projects which have gone into production with Ch4, BBC Three and The Guardian.